The counterfeiting equipment and Chinese officer

Gimme My Money is the second contract for the Russian Mafia in the first quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The contract involves using a helicopter to pick up and deliver cargo to the Mafia's warehouse with a bonus of also killing a Chinese officer.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Return the marked cargo to the Mafia warehouse
  2. Return the provided helicopter to the Mafia garage

Bonus: Kill the Chinese officer in charge of the raid.

Supplies Given[edit | edit source]

  • None

The Contract[edit | edit source]

After accepting the contract the player will spawn on the helipad on top of the mafia chopshop. A thug will land an MD-530 Scout for you which you will need to complete the contract.

The counterfeiting equipment is located a short fly away in the north west corner of North Pyongyang. There is a relatively large Chinese presence in the area, including a BJ2020 Scout blocking the road, two PLA soldiers with RPGs on the rooftops, six regular PLA soldiers patrolling the area, and the officer himself. Before doing anything important take note of the two large bundles of cash near near the counterfeiting equipment. Bash both of these to acquire ten stacks of $5,000, for a total of $50,000, which is more than the total contract value.

If you wish to avoid any negative reputation with the Chinese, taking the officer out with the MD-530's machineguns or a Sniper Rifle from long range (such as the nearby mountains which can be easily reached with your helicopter), or an airstrike such as the Surgical Strike (the equipment is invincible so don't worry about destroying it, though it may go flying off into the restricted zone) will avoid any reputation loss. Once the officer is taken out, activate the helicopter's winch and pick up the equipment. As soon as you grab it the Chinese forces will open fire, however, the quick speed and maneuverability of the MD-530 will allow you to dodge the RPGs with ease and allow a quick escape. Afterwards simply drop the equipment off at the Mafia warehouse, land the helicopter on the Mafia helipad and exit the vehicle to complete the contract. Normally the helicopter will disappear once the contract is completed, however, if you re-enter immediately after exiting you will be able to keep it.

The value of the contract is $30,000, plus a $10,000 bonus. Completing this contract will make the Sungri Scout and Chinese Supply Drop available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Seven of Clubs will also be given.

Email Messages[edit | edit source]

Introductory e-mail message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract: 'Gimme My Money'

"Taking out that officer and escaping with the cargo in one piece won't be easy--the Chinese have several soldiers in the area. I recommend that you take care of business as quickly as you can.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Return the marked cargo to the Mafia warehouse. 2. Return the provided helicopter to the Mafia garage.

BONUS: Kill the Chinese officer in charge of the raid.

Contract value: $30,000 Bonus value: $10,000"

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The player enters the Mafia HQ

  • Sergei: Josef, looks who's back! Hey, have you met Josef? No, of course you haven't. This is how important our operation is, eh? They send me this guy! This old Russian bear. He used to be KGB so you watch out. Working for us...for me, it means a lot of trust, right? I'll make you rich, mercenary. But I have to trust you! You don't behave; I'll have Josef kill you. He'd do it, too! Josef's ex-KGB, did I mention that?

Josef whispers into Sergei's ear

  • Sergei: Right, of course I did. So what that means is; we hear things. We know where people are. People like...General Song? You want him, you keep working for me. We'll lead you right to him. Speaking of which, I got a contract for you already. The North Koreans, they love American money. Hey, who doesn't, eh? They love it so much they print it themselves! Counterfeiting is right up my alley, so you're going to steal me that equipment. Should be no problem. Easy job. It'll be a lot easier once you take out the Chinese guys who are after the same thing. Did I mention them? I'm sure I did.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: I tell you, smuggling, theft, racketeering, now some counterfeiting. That's respectable business right there. People respect you, you got that kind of power!

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: Respect is important. People don't respect you, you got nothing. Right Josef? Josef?

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Sergei: Huh? You talking to me? You talking to me? Oh, that wasn't you. Nevermind.

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: The Russians are providing a copter for you. I hope you remember your flight training.

A Mafia thug lands an MD-530 Scout for you

  • Mafia Thug: Good luck.

The player takes out the Chinese officer

  • Fiona: That's one officer confirmed down.

The player exits the helicopter after delivering the equipment

  • Fiona: Contract complete. That should keep Sergei happy. Well done.

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