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"Hold your own press conference!"
Merchant of Menace store caption

The GSRN Truck is a common civilian vehicle seen throughout North Korea in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


"Why hide from the press when you can be the press? We're proud to offer this official GSRN vehicle for a low, low price."
— Merchant of Menace store description

Usually found near reporters, they are a white color, with the GSRN logo on both sides of the rear area. The GSRN shares the same structure as the Ambulance, and moves at the same rate of speed. Carrying only two people, although unarmored, it is an effective transport when the disguise is active, but when it is not, find another means of transport.

When the mercenary is standing next to it or driving it they will constantly hear reports of any Deck of 52 members they have verified, a new report is made for every deck member, including face cards and the aces. The reports never mention the mercenary and will always say that it was allied forces that verified the HVT due to the AN not wanting many people knowing about the mercenary. You cannot listen to any previous reports and if you miss one and then capture another HVT you will not get a chance to listen to the previous report.

They are semi-common due to the fact that you never encounter them driving around the streets and they can only be found parked at certain areas such as battles or outposts. Sometimes there will be a GSRN reporter nearby, and if accidentally killed will cost ExOps $100,000.

The easiest place to find a truck is right at the Allied M.A.S.H., parked right next to the helipad; the merc will be returned here whenever they are killed or request a medevac. However, when 'The Ace of Spades' contract becomes available, the local media presence disappears and the only available option is to order the truck via the Merchant of Menace.

Trading one in to the Russian Mafia chop shop at full health will net you $3,985.

Real Life[]

The GSRN truck is based on the M997 ambulance version of the AM General HMMWV.


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