The Fuel Truck is a North Korean truck featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Fuel Truck is used by the North Koreans to transport and store fuel. These trucks are common throughout North Korea and are most often found parked at NK outposts and bases.

The Fuel Truck looks like a Cargo or Transport Truck but with a fuel tank in place of a flat-bed or soft cover behind the cabin.


The Fuel Truck can be transformed into a make shift bomb truck. Place a C4 satchel on a fuel truck and drive the truck into an enemy vehicle or building and jump out before hitting it and then detonate the C4. The combination of C4 and fuel will damage or destroy almost any building or vehicle within the blast radius.

The Fuel Truck can be used to enter NK areas quietly by being disguised as North Korean, but this is dangerous because if the player loses their disguise the NK will open fire and possibly destroy the vehicle which could kill the player, and also friendly factions will open fire on the player if they are disguised as a North Korean.

Real LifeEdit

The Fuel Truck is based on a variant of the Ural-4320.

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