The Fuel Air RPG is a thermobaric rocket launcher used by the People's Liberation Army in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Fuel Air RPG fires an inaccurate thermobaric rocket that inflicts minimal damage upon impact, before making a massive fuel-ignited explosion similar to the fuel air bomb, but on a smaller scale. It is capable of destroying just about anything except reinforced targets such as bunkers or a Missile Destroyer.

Direct impact with this rocket is never lethal but the explosion is very lethal. The gas spread and detonation takes approximately two seconds, the spark kicks in and the cloud ignites, devastating (almost) everything in and slightly outside the radius covered by the fuel-air mixture.

It is recommended to use this on stationary or slow targets, as fast moving targets can evade the radius before detonation. This weapon is very useful against buildings and large numbers of any types of enemies as the blast will affect a large area. Don't shoot near friendlies or yourself!

This weapon is quite dangerous in the hands of the Chinese NPCs as they will fire without being aware of the potential for destruction, the PLA rocket troops can often be seen accidentally blowing up their allies, themselves, their HQ, a target building, even their own High Value Targets and just about everything else around them.

This can make the capture of a live PLA HVT quite a challenge. If you want to protect the HVT from getting killed by his rocket guards, consider taking out the barracks and the rocket troops beforehand.

It can be purchased from the PLA shop in the Fuel Air RPG kit at $15k after capturing the Caracas Estates Outpost.

Real lifeEdit

It is possible that this RPG is based on the PF-97 thermobaric rocket launcher of the Liberation Army. Thermobaric rocket launchers are very powerful weapons, they do exist but are usually not commonly used. Thermobaric weapons are more commonly deployed from aircraft.


The Fuel Air RPG

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