Yeom Park, also known as the Four of Clubs, is a former member of President Kim's government and is currently funding Dung Hwanbo's operations during Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps bio[edit | edit source]

Name: Yeom Park
Personally selected by Ace of Clubs, Dung Hwangbo. Park spent years in former President Kim's government. He used blackmail and graft to make sure that when Song's revolt came, money and power would be ready to stand against any reaction from the international community.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Park is located north of Haeju and south of the Farmland, near the three way intersection in the road with numerous destroyed houses, vehicles, and a flaming crater with many burned down objects around. The e-mail informing you of his location is sent to you by Josef after completing 'Foothold'.

The e-mail describes Park as being very savvy at what he does but with limited military experience meaning that you should not worry about him in a fight. Park himself is armed with a Light Machine Gun and has two KPA soldiers protecting him and a Sungri Scout nearby.

Curiously there are civilians lined up in front of one of the soldiers and a GSRN reporter filming the event. As soon as the mercenary appears on screen the reporter will focus on them and the civilians will run away as the soldiers open fire on you. It should be an easy fight as there is only a small number of soldiers, but be careful not to shoot the civilians or risk being fined $10,000, even more important is to watch the reporter as killing him in the crossfire will cost $100,000 in fines. If the player intends to capture Park alive, be wary of a nearby explosive barrel, the splash damage could kill him.

Park, and all number card Clubs, has a bounty of $25,000 alive or $12,500 dead.

E-mail message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor
Subject: 4 of Clubs, Yeom Park
"I just received an intel report from Josef. His men are reporting that the 4 of Clubs, Yeom Park, is operating somewhere north of Haeju. I'm not sure how reliable the intel is. I'm surprised it's coming from Josef and not Sergei. It's really well put-together too. Very professional-looking. Park specialized in blackmail and graft. Very savvy guy. Probably nothing to worry about in a fight, though."

GSRN Report[edit | edit source]

Upon capturing/verifying the Four of Clubs, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"Yeom Park, also known as a the Four of Clubs, was finally captured last night after a brave Allied assault. There were no casualties."
— GSRN Reporter

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He, along with the 2, 6, 7 and 9 of clubs, are the only "clubs" number cards who worked with President Kim's government.
Deck of 52 in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Clubs TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen
Diamonds TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen
Hearts TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen
Spades TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen

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