The Flashbang Grenade is a non-lethal explosive used in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Flashbang Grenade is one of the most important and pivotal weapons in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. When thrown, it will explode in a blue flash, with light blue beams protruding from the explosion. Every human being caught within this radius will be stunned momentarily, allowing the player to complete their objective.

The player can carry up to six Flashbang Grenades at any one time, along with six M67 Fragmentation Grenades.

The use of Flashbang Grenades is a non-lethal way to complete missions against a faction the player does not want to turn hostile or lose mood against. These grenades help in even the tightest situations, as long as the player does not kill the stunned person(s). A melee attack after they are stunned can kill the person. The used of Flashbang Grenades is a highly effective method to capture members of the Deck of 52.

In the side-mission "Crowd Control," since stunning does not reduce faction relations, the player can activate the Infinite Ammo cheat and throw Stun Grenades into the crowd. This is an easy way to finish the mission.

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