Pung-cho Yu, also known as the Five of Diamonds, is the head of Division 18 in the DPRK in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps BioEdit

Name: Pung-cho Yu
"Captain Yu is head of General Chang's military intelligence division: Division 18. He is ruthless, cruel, intelligent and sadistic. He constantly maneuvers against his rival, Major Kon Lee, director of Special Intelligence division. He has a personally selected cadre of torturers and enjoys overseeing interrogation personally."


The email concerning the location of Yu is sent by Agent Alder Stone, the Hong Kong station chief for the CIA. The CIA suspects that Yu is stationed somewhere north of The Black Gate. More exact, Yu is found directly north east of the Mafia HQ. Travel north east from the HQ until you get to a dirt road which is marked on The PDA and follow it. You will shortly arrive at a roadblock with sandbags and four KPA soldiers guarding the area. Also you should notice that there is a very large amount of ammo boxes nearby, 8 in total, all placed neatly on the ground next to the road.

After the soldiers are taken out, keep heading up the road until you eventually get to a sharp right hand turn. This turn is guarded by two M1955 artillery pieces, five KPA soldiers, a Sungri Scout and explosive tanks nearby. As you move more up the road, a lookout tower and two soldiers will be along the road which should be taken out. Eventually you will arrive at the edge of the road, which is a cliff overlooking East Pyongyang. Located here are two more soldiers, two M1978 artillery vehicles with operators which can be easily destroyed thanks to three explosive barrels located near all three of them, another large amount of ammo boxes, a med kit lying on the floor, a WMD blueprint, a national treasure and finally Yu himself, who is armed with a Light MG. Once they find him, the player can easily verify him dead or alive.

Email MessageEdit

Sender: Fiona Taylor
Subject: Captain Pung-cho Yu, the 5 of Diamonds
I just got a phone call from Alder Stone, the CIA station chief in Hong Kong. Apparently he was instructed to reveal to me the CIA's suspicions regarding the current whereabouts of Captain Pung-cho Yu, the 5 of Diamonds. they've got him north of the "Black gate", Heuk Dae Moon. Yu is head of General Chang's military intelligence division. Be ready for anything.

GSRN ReportEdit

Upon capturing/verifying the Five of Diamonds, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"Reports confirm the capture of Captain Pung-cho Yu, head of General Chang's military intelligence, and the Allies' Five of Diamonds, earlier today."
— GSRN Reporter


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