The FROG 7 is a North Korean military truck featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The FROG 7 (Free Rocket Over Ground) missile Launcher/transport is the only portable missile launcher seen in the game. They are thirty feet long and are always seen with a missile in transport position on its roof. Slow, and easily damaged, they are not the safest mode of transportation.

Other factions will attack the player on sight, if they do not compromise their disguise. The FROG 7's missile is very sensitive to weapons fire and has a large explosion radius if destroyed and power to match. Take care NOT to destroy any near the Deck of 52 members. The FROG 7 is worth $25,000 sold (100 HP and great Mafia standings) or destroyed, so dragging it back to the Russian's Chopshop is ill advised.

During the Mafia Contract 'Bait and Switch', Sergei requests you to optionally take some men and secure a FROG 7. The men drive it out if you destroy the armored units in their way. After catching the Jack, and the truck got out intact (Fiona tells you when the truck is clear,) you'll unlock the 'Strategic Missile Strike' air strike in the Merchants of Menace for future use.

The FROG 7 can be found driving around only in the Southern Province. Just west of Haeju there is a long dirt road, containing many North Korean soldiers, as well as the Nine and Ten of Diamonds. NK FROG 7s will spawn rarely along the dirt road but will be labelled as friendly due to their civilian drivers, which will incur a fine if killed, so be careful.

Real lifeEdit

The FROG 7 is based on the Luna-M (NATO designated FROG-7) 9P113 transporter erector launcher (TEL), built on the ZIL-135 Russian Army truck. The rocket is based on the 9M21F High Explosive (HE) variant. The Luna-M is still in service to this day.


  • The Portable Airstrike fires the same rocket that is used during the 'Strategic Missile Strike' air strike.


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