Escort service officer

The officer in need of an escort

Escort Service (Chinese) is the fourth contract for the Chinese and the first for them in the second quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract involves escorting a Chinese officer to Chinese occupied Haeju, with the bonus objective of destroying a North Korean outpost along the way.


  1. Find Chinese officer
  2. Escort officer to Haeju
  3. Death of the officer will result in contract cancellation

BONUS: Destroy 3 tents at a chokepoint between the officer and Haeju

Supplies & Support GivenEdit

  • Artillery Strike x1 - Free
  • Artillery Barrage - $80,000
  • Chinese BJ2020 Scout Delivery - $9,600
  • Chinese Supply Drop - $4,800

The ContractEdit

This contract involves locating and escorting a Chinese officer to Haeju. The officer is marked on the map on the road next to the NK Artillery base, with the NK outpost just down the road. Once you leave HQ hop in a nearby BJ2020 and start driving towards the officer. It is not recommended to do this contract via helicopter because of the anti-air weapons, plus the SA-8 at the chokepoint and the SA-8 that can target the player from the NK Artillery Base.

Escort service nk outpost

The NK outpost, with all three tents

A North Korean roadblock is set up on the intersection of the road towards Nampo, Allied MASH and the NK Artillery Base. The roadblock is comprised of several NK troops and a T-54 tank. Two Sungri Scout's patrol the road past the roadblock and the NK outpost. There is a SA-8 Anti-Air vehicle past the NK Roadblock and the NK outpost. Sometimes, there is an NK soldier with a AA missile launcher on the hill above and behind the tunnel entrance near the Officer's location. A single Strategic Missile Strike placed right in the middle of the three tents is enough to take all three out, as well as many of the nearby NK forces. Once the tents are taken care of continue driving towards Haeju.

Once you pass the tents you will encounter numerous RPG troops along the road, as well as Sungri Scouts and two BRDM Scouts. Simply drive past these obstructions in a fast vehicle and you should be fine, but be careful, the Sungri Scouts will give chase and may follow you into Haeju, so take them out of they do. Once you enter Haeju you'll be safe. Just drive to the drop off point and it's contract complete.

The value of the contract is $60,000 plus an additional $20,000 for the completion of the bonus objective. Completing this contract will make the Type 89 APC available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Two of Diamonds will also be given.

Email MessageEdit

Sender: Captain Kai Leu

Subject: Contract: 'Escort Service'

From what I've seen, the road from Nampo to Haeju is still teeming with North Korean units. Watch yourself out there.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Find Chinese officer
2. Escort officer to Haeju
2a. Death of the officer will result in contract cancellation

Bonus: Destroy a NK outpost along the way

Contract value: $60,000
Bonus value: $20,000


The player enters the HQ

  • Colonel Peng: Son'g men ambushed a convoy of our troops traveling to Haeju. One of my officers is still alive, though he is surrounded by Song's men. He is waiting for reinforcements, and an escort to Haeju. I cannot spare the troops. I cannot spare that officer, either. It is up to you to rescue him, and get him safely to Haeju.

The player waits in the HQ

  • Colonel Peng: Unfortunately, the People's army moves slowly, I cannot afford to lose even one piece in this game. And this officer is worth many lesser pawns.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Peng: Also, you will have the opportunity to kill many of Song's men. I know this pleases you. I must confess, it pleases me as well.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Colonel Peng: Our guest cannot wait forever.

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: Gotta say, I never thought you'd end up a paid escort.

The player meets up with the Chinese officer

  • Officer: I thought I was done for. quick, let's get out of here, there are enemies about.
  • Fiona: found him. Now get that officer to Haeju in one piece.
  • Fiona: You've destroyed all the tents! Now this job is a bit more lucrative.

The player drops off the officer at Haeju

  • Fiona: Great work! The Chinese will take it from here.


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