The Emplaced Weapons Challenge is a wager offered by Fiona in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Emplaced weapon challenge 1


This is the first challenge available to the player, it is unlocked immediately after the Villa takeover. The Emplaced Weapons Challenge is a timed challenge that involves the player shooting a Heavy Machinegun, a Recoiless Rifle and a Grenade MG at statues of Solano and cars. This is the only challenge from Fiona where the weapons available have limited ammunition. The challenge takes place on the West side of the Villa grounds. The emplaced weapons are there exclusively for the challenge and are not present at any other time.

This is not particularly hard at level 3 when compared to other challenges but it only gives 1 Fiona's Favorites at level 2 as a trade-off. The challenge has 3 stages, stage 1 involves shooting a HMG at a large number of statues at close range, stage 2 involves shooting a Recoilless at flying cars to gain 5 second bonuses and stage 3 involves firing a rapid-fire large magazine Grenade MG at large numbers of statues at medium to long range.


  • Weapons available per stage:
    • Stage 1 - 2 x HMGs
    • Stage 2 - 2 x Recoiless Rifles
    • Stage 3 - 2 x Grenade MG
  • Time limits per level:
    • Level 1 - 2:30
    • Level 2 - 2:00
    • Level 3 - 1:30


  • Wager (pre-determined by the player)
  • Level 2 completion adds 1 x Fiona's Favorites to the Stockpile
  • Level 3 completion rewards the player with an in-game outfit for the Mercenary

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