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The embedded Journalist in need of escort

Embedded is the fourth contract for the Allied Nations and the first contract for them in the second act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The contract takes place in the southern province of North Korea.


The contract involves picking up and taxiing a journalist around the Southern Province of North Korea to capture important footage of activities of the factions.


  1. Pick up journalist
  2. Taxi journalist to his destinations and allow him to capture the footage he needs
  3. Death of journalist will result in contract failure

Bonus: Reach destinations with time to spare. NOTE: If no faction (other than the DPRK) is hostile, using an MD-500 will get you the largest possible bonus, $30,000+ is possible, and if you use one, avoid any combat possible; it will really slow you down.

Supplies & support given[]

The contract[]

South Korean forces at Ichon

As soon as the contract begins the timer will start, so quickly grab the nearest M1025 parked just outside the entrance and head towards the journalist's location. Alternatively, if you have a faster vehicle in the HQ parking lot, such as a helicopter, take that instead. Halfway to the journalist a small skirmish between AN and NK will be encountered. Drive though the engagement, steering clear of AN personnel and avoiding the NK RPG troop, and head to the journalist. As you get close he will automatically run up and enter your vehicle, and you will be directed towards Ichon. Note that he will always follow you (unless he is filming) and cannot be told to wait in a location.

There are two main ways to get to Ichon. You can continue north and go past Kaesong or double back and go through the dirt road which leads into the back entrance of Ichon. The dirt road is slightly longer and features battles between AN and SK forces against NK forces supported by T-54 tanks. While the normal route through the main roads is slightly quicker and features small scale skirmishes between SK and NK forces (just watch out for the RPGs and missiles). Once you arrive at the destination, the journalist will leave your vehicle, film what he needs, and then hop back in. Be careful, as rogue Sungri Scouts may wander into the area and potentially run over or shoot the journalist. The next location is Downtown Pyongyang.

Mafia thugs making a getaway at Pyongyang

As you descend the hill from Ichon there will be many boxes scattered along the road alongside an overturned SMC 2300, with civilians standing around. Dodge around these obstacles and continue along to Downtown Pyongyang. As you approach the bridge into Pyongyang there will be an overturned Metro Bus and many civilians and aid workers. Weave through them and head to the hospital where the journalist will begin filming the Mafia operations in the area. Next stop: Nampo.

Chinese forces offloading tanks at Nampo

Like last time, there are two main roads which lead to Nampo; the south west route which passes the Allied MASH, or the northwest route which passes through North Pyongyang. Along the south route you will encounter Mafia forces engaging North Koreans, two exploding Hummer H3s, and hostile NK MD-500 Scouts, accompanied by an NK officer. The northern route will feature multiple ambushes by Sungri Scouts with officers, as well as a skirmish between Chinese and NK forces, with SA-8s in support. Once you arrive in Nampo and the journalist finishes filming, the next destination at Haeju will become available.

Chinese forces in Haeju

The only obstacle on the way to Haeju is multiple Sungri Scout ambushes with officers, though these pose little threat and will often be intercepted by patrolling Chinese forces. Once the journalist finishes filming at Nampo, the next destination at Propaganda Village will appear. The drive there is uneventful.

Ambush at the Propaganda Village

Upon arriving at the Propaganda Village there will be a few AN forces in the area. Once the journalist starts filming an NK ambush, including a T-54 tank, will appear and start engaging. Once the journalist finishes filming quickly get him into your vehicle and make your exit. The drop off point is a small train station just outside Kaesong.

NOTE: There is an alternative method. If you arrive at AN HQ in a helicopter, especially the DPRK MD-500, you can use this. It has several advantages and allows you to avoid all (or nearly all) combat. Plus, it will enable you to secure a far larger bonus.

The drop off point

The value of the contract is $50,000, plus the bonus based on how quickly each destination is reached. Completing this contract will make the UH-60 Transport available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Eight of Diamonds will also be given.

Email Messages[]

Sender: Major Steven Howard

Subject: Contract: 'Embedded'

A member of the press needs armed escort to points of interest around the area. Take him where he needs to go. Oh, and he's got deadlines to meet, so don't waste time.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Pick up journalist
2. Taxi journalist to his destinations and allow him to capture the footage he needs
3. Death of journalist will result in contract cancellation

BONUS: Reach destinations with time to spare

Contract value: $50,000
Bonus value: $50 per second remaining in time limit upon arrival at each destination


The mercenary enters the HQ. Col. Garrett and Maj. Howard are talking

  • Colonel Garrett: The clubs were easy. Businessmen. General Chang's forces are experienced troops. Some of Song's best.

Garrett turns to face the mercenary

  • Colonel Garrett: Hey there Mercenary. I gotta admit, I was wrong about you. Ok, so you make a mess, but if that's what it takes, it's a price I'm willing to pay. We've got a reporter who needs an escort to sites in the area, but our hands are full at the moment. I know this isn't the kind of action you signed up for...but think of it as a personal favor to me. And who knows? Maybe there'll be some excitement along the way.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: When I said "personal favor", I didn't mean you wouldn't get paid.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: You did damn good with the Ace of Clubs, merc. You hurry up with this, and we'll have Song in no time.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: You familiar with the term "deadline", soldier?

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: Up for a little baby-sitting?
    • Chris: Hey. They want to pay me to baby-sit, it's their money.
    • Jennifer: I'm the most well-armed babysitter you'll ever see.
    • Mattias: What the hell is "baby-sitting"?

If the time limit runs out at any point

  • Fiona: The journalist missed his deadline. Now he can't file his story, and we don't get our money. Contract cancelled.

If the journalist is killed at any point

  • Journalist: Aaaah!
  • Fiona: You lost the journalist. Contract cancelled.

The mercenary approaches the journalist

Journalist: Glad you finally made it. Can we go now? Please? I've got deadlines to meet.

The journalist will sometimes mutter certain lines while driving

  • Journalist: Are we there yet?

The journalist arrives at Ichon and begins filming footage of SK establishing a base at Ichon. A K-53 Cargo makes a rare appearance as it lands at the airfield and then promptly takes off

  • Journalist: The South Koreans recently moved into Ichon. I've got to cover this.

The journalist finishes filming

  • Journalist: Okay, I have what I need from here.

The journalist arrives at Downtown Pyongyang and begins filming footage of Russian Mafia thugs loading into civilian ambulances and SUVs and making a quick getaway, while an MD-530 Scout flies overhead

  • Journalist: The Russian Mafia have really stepped up their presence in Pyongyang. I need to get this on tape.

The journalist finishes filming

  • Journalist: Okay, I have what I need from here.

The journalist arrives at Nampo and begins filming footage of Chinese tanks unloading from a Chinese ship docked at the beach

  • Journalist: Chinese operations in Nampo should provide some interesting footage.

The journalist finishes filming

  • Journalist: Okay, I have what I need from here.

The journalist arrives at Haeju and begins filming footage of Chinese forces patrolling the train station

  • Journalist: Hmm, looks like the Chinese have been keeping themselves busy--they've taken control of Haeju as well. I should grab some footage.

The journalist finishes filming

  • Journalist: Okay, I have what I need from here.

The journalist arrives at Propaganda Village and begins filming footage of AN forces being ambushed by North Koreans

  • Journalist: These facades are too eerie to pass up; hold on while I get some shots.

The journalist finishes filming

  • Journalist: Okay, I have what I need from here.

The mercenary delivers the journalist to the drop off point

  • Journalist: Thanks, driver. I got some great stuff today. See ya!
  • Fiona: Done and done. The journalist is safe, and we've got our money. Contract complete.



  • This is the first and only contract in the southern province where the Prototype Rifle can be found.
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