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Kyubyung Park, also known as the Eight of Diamonds, is a KPA officer in charge of air defense in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps Bio[]

Name: Kyubyung Park
"Park is deputy minister for Chang's Air Defense program. Responsible for the deployment and use of Chang's heavy anti-air artillery, he is an experienced soldier and skilled leader. His men were responsible for downing the three American F-117As in 2006. Most of his guns have been disabled by AN air strikes, but he remains at large."


Allied intelligence thinks Park is found west of Nampo. You will most likely notice train tracks on your way to the Chinese H.Q., keep driving down the tracks north-west. After passing a destroyed bunker you will eventually come across two M1978 artillery batteries and a single M1955 artillery piece. Park will be hiding behind the M1955 and is armed with a light machine gun.

His back up includes about four to five elite KPA troops, a heavy soldier carrying an RPG-7 and most importantly a T-54 tank. There are also soldiers manning the M1978 artillery pieces save the M1955 Park is hiding behind. The best strategy is to first shoot the soldier with the RPG and then use your own launcher to take out the tank quickly.

Then throw a grenade at the others as they are usually in a group, also there are yellow explosive barrels near the soldiers which can be used to blow up the soldiers. Taking out the soldiers on the artillery pieces would be wise if the player wishes to verify Park alive as any allied choppers will be shot down.

He can be found in the Southern Province of North Korea, along with the Clubs, but he and the other Diamonds can only be verified after the Ace of Clubs contract has been completed.

His exact location is west-north-west of Nampo. Follow the train tracks west; the tracks are just north of Nampo.

Email Message[]

Sender: Fiona Taylor
Subject: Captain Kyubyung Park, the 8 of Diamonds
Allied intelligence hints that Captain Park, the 8 of Diamonds is operating west of Nampo. Park was responsible for operating General Chang's anti-air defenses for the past several years. I wouldn't recommend assaulting his location from the air.

GSRN Report[]

Upon capturing/verifying the Eight of Diamonds, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"The Allies captured the deputy minister of General Chang's Air Defense program, Captain Kyubyung Park, the Eight of Diamonds, just a few moments ago near this very location. Fighting was fierce, and casualties were heavy on both sides. Back to you Adriana."
— GSRN Reporter


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