The Dragon Lance light tank is a Chinese light tank featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Vehicles Dragon Lance Light Tank

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"This midweight tank from China has excellent armor and firepower, for a fraction of the price of a main battle tank."
— Stockpile caption

The Dragon Lance is one of the PLA's main tanks that is used for quick engagements while also employing a lot of firepower. It is equipped with a 105mm cannon and a .50cal machine gun and a roof mounted 12.7×108mm gunner controlled machine gun.

The Dragon Lance, along with the Iron Mountain, has a very difficult hijacking mini-game which requires the player to press the necessary button extremely fast to successfully hijack the vehicle.

Like most vehicles, its armor is strongest at the front and much weaker in the rear. It can be purchased from the PLA shop for $100,000, a relatively good deal compared to other tanks. It is also part of the backup PLA soldiers will request when under attack.


This tank is a light tank meaning it is affected by grenades but not by bullets, prioritize correctly. Its cannon and armor are more powerful than any other light tank but it is not a good idea to take on heavy tanks unless it is really necessary. The Dragon Lance is very vulnerable to anti-tank missiles, especially those launched from helicopters.


  • Can be purchased from the PLA shop for $100,000, after completing the specified requirements.
  • Seen patrolling in traffic on Isla de Margarita. One can use a helicopter's winch to get it off the island. Note that even if you are friendly with the Chinese, Isla de Margarita is a huge trespassing zone. You'll need to either fight to get the tank, or use a Jade Wind Heavy Transport with disguise and airlift one off the island.
  • Other unknown locations.


Real lifeEdit

The real life counterpart to the Dragon Lance light tank is the Chinese Type 63A amphibious light tank. The Type 63 had an improved design over the Type 60 which was originally developed from the Soviet PT-76.[1] [2]

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