Downed Bird in Enemy Nest is the fifth contract for the Allied Nations and the second contract for them in the second quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The contract takes place in the Southern Province of North Korea.


The contract involves locating a downed Allied helicopter, rescuing the survivors and returning them to the Allied HQ. This is similar to the South Korean contract; First Principles.


  1. Locate downed Allied helicopter
  2. Rescue survivors from the crash site before NK forces arrive
  3. Return crash survivors to Allied HQ

BONUS: Anti-air Cleanup: Destroy all NK anti-air units in the area

Supplies givenEdit

  • Surgical Strike x2 - Free
  • Allies Supply Drop - $4 000
  • Vehicle Ammo Drop - $4 800
  • Heavy Weapons Drop - $8 000
  • Allied Scout Delivery - $16 000

The contractEdit

The value of the contract is $60 000 and the bonus condition is worth an additional $50 000.

This contract requires some preparation. It is recommended that you acquire a T-54 tank. Use that tank to plow your way through to the downed airmen. Destroy the three SA-8s you will encounter along the way and in the area around the crash site. After you kill everyone and destroy the SA-8s, use the horn to get one of the airmen to man the tank's MG and make a dash back to steel bridge crossing that leads to AN HQ and take over the M3 APC that will appear. Exit the vehicle along with the airman and signal for him to enter the M3. Drive back to the site and recover the other 2 before time runs out.

Once you get the last airman to the main road, the clock will stop. Now, you will have lots of time to return to AN HQ and drop off the airmen.

If you choose to use an MD-500, be warned that you will have four SA-8s to deal with, including one on a bluff overlooking the first SA-8 location. A BMP is also a possibility, but remember that it has a weaker gun, lighter armor, and you will face a T-54 and 1 or 2 MD-500s on the return.

Be aware that in the area where the first SA-8 is located is a civilian who is behind the SA-8, near an overturned cargo truck. Check your fire accordingly.

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