Downed bird in enemy nest crash site

The crash site

Downed Bird in Enemy Nest is the fifth contract for the Allied Nations and the second contract for them in the second act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The contract takes place in the Southern Province of North Korea.


The contract involves locating a downed Allied helicopter, rescuing the survivors and returning them to the Allied HQ. This is similar to the South Korean contract 'First Principles'.


  1. Locate downed Allied helicopter
  2. Rescue survivors from the crash site before NK forces arrive
  3. Return crash survivors to Allied HQ

BONUS: Anti-air Cleanup: Destroy all NK anti-air units in the area

Supplies givenEdit

  • Surgical Strike x2 - Free
  • Allies Supply Drop - $4,000
  • Vehicle Ammo Drop - $4,800
  • Heavy Weapons Drop - $8,000
  • Allied Scout Delivery - $16,000

The contractEdit

This contract requires some preparation. It is recommended that you acquire a T-54 tank, which can be acquired near the east side of Ichon. There will be SK forces engaging NK forces supported by a T-54. Use that tank to plow your way through to the downed airmen. Destroy the three SA-8s you will encounter along the way and in the area around the crash site.

The first SA-8 is along the hill on the way to the crash site. It is protected by a single BMP APC, a few soldiers, and an officer armed with a shotgun. Either use your T-54 or a one of the free surgical strikes (a well placed shot between the BMP and SA-8 should destroy both) to take these forces out. Alternatively, hijacking the BMP and using it to destroy the AA units, and pick up the survivors is advised, though you may lose some time due to its slow speed. Be aware that there is a civilian who is behind the SA-8, near an overturned cargo truck. Check your fire accordingly.

The second SA-8 is further up the hill, past the crash site. It is protected by a small group of soldiers and two emplaced MGs.

The third SA-8 is at the top of the hill, past the second. It is guarded by an emplaced gun, and multiple soldiers, one of which is armed with an RPG.

The crash site itself is being assaulted by multiple NK troops, one of which is wielding an RPG. Take him out first, mop up the rest, and then go speak with the survivors behind the rocks. After you kill everyone and destroy the SA-8s, call in an Allied M1025 Scout (there are no AA units close enough to shoot it down), get the survivors into the Humvee, and drive back to the AN HQ. Once you get the last airman to the main road, the clock will stop. Now, you will have lots of time to return to AN HQ and drop off the airmen.

If you take the dirt road route south of Ichon, be warned that there will be many NK forces waiting in ambush, including MD-500s. They will also destroy the bridge, making it difficult to get across. If you take this path adjust your course slightly to the left of the bridge. There will be a small hill before the gap which will allow you to make the jump if you're going fast enough. Alternatively, you can simply drive back to HQ through the main roads, where you will face small pockets of NK troops who pose little threat.

If you choose to use an MD-500, be warned that you will have four SA-8s to deal with, including one on a bluff overlooking the first SA-8 location. A BMP is also a possibility, but remember that it has a weaker gun, lighter armor, and you will face a T-54 and 1 or 2 MD-500s on the return.

The value of the contract is $60,000 and the bonus condition is worth an additional $50,000. Completing this contract will make the M1025 Scout delivery available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Nine of Diamonds will also be given.

Email MessagesEdit

Introductory emailEdit

Sender: Major Steven Howard

Subject: Contract: 'Downed Bird in Enemy Nest'

An Allied UH-60 chopper engaged in maneuvers has crashed behind enemy lines, thanks to NK anti-air defenses.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Locate downed Allied helicopter
2. Rescue survivors from the crash site before NK forces arrive
3. Return crash survivors to Allied HQ

Contract value: $60,000

Bonus update emailEdit

Sender: Major Steven Howard

Subject: (Bonus) Anti-air Cleanup

Anti-air units in the area have been giving the Allies a rough time. Be careful.


Contract Terms & Conditions

  • BONUS: Destroy all NK anti-air units in the area.

Bonus value: $50,000


The mercenary enters the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: I knew we'd be seeing you again. In fact, I was counting on it!
  • Colonel Garrett: We recently lost contact with one of our planes over Heuk Dae Moon. They were taking heavy fire and had to ditch. We've got limited time to locate the downed aircraft and safely extract any survivors. If I have to wait for clearance, those men will die!

The player remain in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: Heuk Dae Moon's Korean for "Black Gate". You'll know why if you see it.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: The structure's General Chang's most heavily defended fortress. You watch yourself around there.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: Let's go, soldier! I've got men down in enemy territory

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: I hope you're ready for some action! Intel reports General Kang is sending reinforcements to the crash site
  • Fiona: Just make sure you get any survivors away from the crash site before the NK get there or those soldiers won't stand a chance.

A short time after the contract begins

  • Fiona: You just received another email. Seems there's some additional targets in the area they'd like you to help clean up while you're at it.

If the timer reaches 1 minute and the mercenary still hasn't rescued the AN soldiers

  • Fiona: Not long now until NK reinforcements arrive at the crash site.

If the timer runs out before AN soldiers are rescued

  • Fiona: Sorry, but it looks like we've run out of time. And with no survivors extracted, the A.N. is deeming the situation a lost cause. In other words, this contract is officially cancelled.

If a crash survivor is killed at any time

  • Fiona: One of the crash survivors has been killed!

If a second survivor is killed at any time

  • Fiona: Another survivor is down!

If all survivors are killed

  • Fiona: Bad news. All the Blackhawk survivors have been killed. Contract cancelled.

The player destroys an AA unit

  • Fiona: Anti-air unit destroyed. Move onto the next.

The player destroys the second AA unit

  • Fiona: Anti-air unit destroyed. Move onto the next.

The played destroys the last AA unit

  • Fiona: All anti-air defenses successfully destroyed.

The player approaches the crash site

  • Fiona: There's the crash site. Find any survivors and rescue them.

The player makes contact with one of the survivors

  • Allied Soldier: Thank god you're here. We thought we were goners for sure.
  • Fiona: Well done, now get the survivors back to the HQ and you'll be done.

The played extracts the survivors and gets back to the road leading to Ichon

  • Fiona: Ok, you're clear. Now get the survivors back to the HQ.

The player approaches the bridge south of Ichon. NK forces in the area detonate it.

  • Fiona: They've blown out the bridge!

The played arrives back at the HQ, with the survivors, and all AA units destroyed

  • Fiona: Survivors safely rescued, anti-air defenses neutralized. You're done, and payment's on its way!



  • Fiona mistakenly refers to General Chang as General "Kang" (the Ace of Hearts) at the beginning of the contract.
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