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Division 39 was an organization in the North Korean government that is featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. Engaging in a variety of illegal activities, such as human trafficking and arms trade, they financed General Song's army and weapons of mass destruction program.

History[edit | edit source]

They were designated as "Clubs" in the Deck of 52, led by Dung Hwangbo. The majority of them are simple businessmen, skilled in making money and not war, though some have some military training or experience (such as the Two and Jack). Most of the clubs don't pose a great threat, as they are the first suit to fall.

During President Kim's administration, they were a state-sponsored mafia whom he funded but was unaware of their true intentions. Eventually Kim found out about their illegal operations and the organization was dissolved; however, General Song initiated his coup shortly afterwards and the organization was quickly restored to work for him to fund his nuclear project through whatever means they could. The organization met its end after the death/capture of Dung Hwangbo, after which the Russian Mafia took over as the only prominent crime syndicate during the Song Initiative.

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