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Devilbwoy's Buggy is a buggy used by the Pirates in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


As indicated by its name, it's Devilbwoy' signature buggy, which is based on the Bogden Buggy, as well as its heavier brother, the Scorcher.

It has a large spoiler, pirate-themed paintings and a .50 cal machine gun in the copilot seat.


This buggy is a cheap option to fight any infantry and jeeps with MGs early in the game, and its speed makes it a good assault vehicle. However, this buggy is fragile against RPG soldiers, as well as heavier vehicles or grenade launchers, TOW/AT launchers from ground and air vehicles. Also, the gun can only aim at the front, similar to the Ravens, for example. Its armor can't help too much when facing though enemies, particularly heavily armed vehicles.

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