Devilbwoy is the leader of the Pirates operating in Northern Venezuela in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.


He wears a long brown trench coat and white face-paint. Devilbwoy is not involved in the storyline at all and does not need to be interacted with ever to proceed with the plot. His real name is not known and not much is known about him. He only offers an outpost capture contract, a speed challenge and cargo delivery challenge. He is only seen in the Pirate HQ in the Pirate Isles.

In the PlayStation 2 version he is replaced by Pirate contact Daevon Risto. The pair look exactly alike and Risto also hangs out at the Pirate HQ.


  • The white face paint is likely a representation of the voodoo Loa Baron Samedi, the most fearsome and prominent of the Loa, a fitting image for the Pirates.
  • He is the only male contact for the Pirates, at least in the Next-gen versions (e.g. XBox 360), unlike his PS2 counterpart.
  • The Mercenaries 2 website makes a reference to both Daevon Risto and Devilbwoy, perhaps indicating that the two characters were meant to be the same.
  • After the 2.0 "Total Payback" patch. Devilbwoy and Blanco became obtainable outfits for Chris Jacobs.
  • His background music, along with all other outer-base shopkeepers affiliated with the pirates, naturally consists of three variations of Jamaican Reggae tunes.
  • The Devilbwoy's buggy almost certainly named after Devilbwoy even if he is never seen outside the Pirate HQ outpost.
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