The Destruction of Angel Falls, also known as the Fall of Solano, was the final conflict of the Venezuelan War.

After acquiring the Nuclear Bunker Buster from either the Allied Nations or the People's Liberation Army, the Mercenary travels to Solano's bunker in Angel Falls to destroy the bunker and capture Solano and end the conflict.

This time the way there is even more heavily guarded. As the Mercenary gets closer, Solano speaks to them via megaphone. The mercenary tells Fiona that they will double her pay if she stops him talking. Beware, because there is a Jaguar Heavy Tank, an Anaconda, two Capuchin Guntrucks and several emplaced weapons.

After dealing with these threats, use the nuke against the bunker. The explosion will blow a massive hole in the bunker, destroy any structure or vehicle within the immediate vicinity and kill any surviving VZ troops outside as well as several inside.

After the mushroom cloud has dissipated, walk into the smouldering remains of the bunker and kill anyone who managed to survive. As the player fully enter the bunker, an Anaconda starts to take off with Solano inside. The merc attempts to jump in, but a soldier knocks them off.

Pulling him out, the merc proceeds to the cockpit and kills the pilot, causing the helicopter to spin wildly. Solano attempts to shoot the merc with a pistol but the merc knocks it away, kicks him inside and draws their own pistol. Solano begs for his life, offering to finally pay the mercenary.

The merc refuses, shoots him dead and jumps out of the helicopter before it smashes to the ground. Alternatively, if the player has captured every single High Value Target (HVT) alive, including Blanco, Carmona and Joyce or Peng, then the merc will grab Solano and leap out with him.

They will then contact Joyce/Peng and tell them that they have Solano. At the Villa, Fiona asks them how they feel about India. The merc agrees but only if they get paid in advance. Fiona nods and smiles and closes her laptop, which has a picture of Solano on it saying 'Verified.'

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