Destruction Bounties are usually non-story related bounties requiring the destruction of specific target buildings or assets that are featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Destruction bounties


Optional Destruction Bounties (the most common) are marked by blue triangles with crosshairs while mandatory destruction bounties are marked with a yellow version of the triangle. These bounties are offered to the player by every single faction, except the Venezuelan Army, after earning their trust. These will reward the player with a fixed sum of money upon destruction and often with stockpile items or Shop unlocks.

There is always some form of defensive setup around the target buildings, these can vary from having a few regular soldiers standing around to assorted specialized infantry supported by heavy vehicles or emplaced weapons. However, there is almost always something nearby to destroy that target, such as C4, 500 gallon Fuel Tanks, air strike munitions and even the vehicle guarding the building.

Destruction Bounties are a very practical and cost effective way of regaining neutral relations with a hostile faction.


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