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Mattias Nilsson in Dandong

Dandong is a town located on the North Korean-Chinese border in the Northern Province. It's featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

The TownEdit

When the action moves to the Northern Province of North Korea, The PLA transfers their base of operations to the border town of Dandong. The town is comprised of a city hall and several civilian buildings, along with a lighthouse located atop a cliff overlooking the river leading into North Korea.

The PLA HQ is set up right after the bridge and is the first building when entering Dandong. Along the coastline, artillery batteries have been set up to fend off enemies and according to Peng himself are essential to the defense of Dandong. Also Dandong is always guarded by many helicopters flying above, however, the PLA have quite a weak air force so these do not pose much of a threat, although there is always at least one Type 95 Anti-Air stationed either near the city hall or on the cliff that will attack any hostile helicopters that come close to Dandong.

The BridgeEdit

Separating mainland China from the DPRK is a long bridge that stretches across a river. The bridge is the only way in and out of North Korea and the main supply route used by the PLA to reinforce their front lines. During the final South Korean contract, Buford tasks the mercenary to destroy the bridge permanently. After it has been destroyed it will stay that way permanently and the only way the player can get back to Dandong is by helicopter.


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