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The Culican Cutter is a boat used by the Rastafarian Pirates that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Culican Cutter is only found at the Pirates' bases offshore. It sports the obvious yellow and green paint scheme that is always indicative of the Pirates.

Armed only with two .50 caliber machine guns with small turn radiuses (or radii), and protected by light armor, the Culican is not the best choice for contracts (unless a second player and/or ally mans the guns), but it can be used to enjoy a light cruise around the Pirate Isles and Lake Maracaibo.

The ship itself is a relatively average scale, compared to some of the other warships employed by other factions. The Culican Cutter has an average rate of speed, and is the perfect choice for a small amount of mayhem and fun. This boat cannot be purchased.


Using this boat for combat really is not recommended, its armor is not resistant to .50cal or miniguns and its MG coverage is limited. If Piranha Patrol Boats come along while the Culican Cutter is cruising in the Pirate Isles (or anywhere else), there is almost nothing that can be done, the same can be said with hostile Freedom Patrol Boats and especially Bladesongs.

For the sake of being practical, it may be best leave this boat (unless there are no better options). This boat is very weak, being cut down in a mater of seconds. It takes about 32 minigun rounds to destroy. This boat should not be used as a way to get through Pirate-controlled waters if the player is hostile to them. If the player accidentally honks or hits anybody standing on a small boat, the player will lose their disguise and the boat will be destroyed in seconds.


  • Suprisingly, the Little Dimba is stronger than this, in tactics and armor! It travels faster, and it takes about 40 minigun rounds to destroy. The only drawback to the Dimba, is that there are no emplaced MGs or gunner seats on it.
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