The Covert Pistol is one of the two silenced weapons featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Covert Pistol is a very unique weapon acquired only from the Covert Supply Drop which also contains a Covert SMG. The Covert Supply drop is only sold by the Pirates. The markings on the supply crate are UP markings; however no faction ever uses the Covert Pistol.

It is the normal SiG P226 pistol with a silencer equipped. Now, you may think you can be Sam Fisher Splinter Cell style, but you would be terribly wrong. There is really no such thing as stealth in this game; there is no in-game stealth mechanic. The only way to remain undetected is to be beyond the AI's visual range, sniping.

The Pistol's damage is not bad (relative to others), it actually takes 6 body shots to kill a VZ regular, same for the Carbine , LMG and Combat Rifle (mind-blowing but tested). Headshots are instant kills. So what makes this gun so bad? Slow rate of fire, 6 shots to the body to kill a VZ regular is not actually that bad. The record for the lowest damage actually belongs to the Machine Pistols at 10 shots, yet high rate of fire is their redeeming quality. The pistol is very limited in terms of rate of fire (estimated 2 shots per second), it would be a lot more useful if the pistol could fire as fast as the player pulls the trigger. Another issue is accuracy, but barely any weapons are accurate in Mercenaries 2. Still not the best gun out there, Pistols are generally not what people consider as good weapons.

The Covert Pistol may be slightly more accurate than the standard Pistol, but it suffers the disadvantage of a slightly smaller magazine, making it even worse than the standard pistol, unless accuracy is absolutely needed.


  • There is a glitch in the game that sometimes makes the Mercenary hold the pistol like a larger gun by placing a hand under the silencer. When this glitch is in effect, the Mercenary will hold everything else with two hands as well, even the one handed glitch weapons such as the Covert SMG and Russian Sniper Rifle. So, basically, you get one glitch or the other. It is impossible to get the Covert SMG/Russian Sniper Rifle and the Covert Pistol without the glitch, because one of the glitches will always take effect.
  • The game's only 'natural' Covert Supply Drop is located on Isla de la Fortelaza by the North Western barrack behind the sandbags next to some boxes in a crate with a UP logo
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