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This page will list all of the contracts for each faction and challenges in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

The contracts are listed in order of appearance for each of the four factions; Allied Nations, South Korea, China and the Russian Mafia.

Ace Contracts are listed in bold and are only available from the Allied Nations upon collecting enough 'intel' by verifying or capturing members of a suit in the Deck of 52.

Contracts in italics indicate the third and last contract for each other faction for each quarter of the game. These contracts are ones where the player can capture the face cards; jack, queen and king.

Allied Nations (Allies)[]

  1. Ante Up
  2. Out of the Woodwork
  3. Bringing Down the House
  1. Embedded
  2. Downed Bird in Enemy Nest
  3. The Guns of Kirin-Do
  1. Inspect and Verify
  2. Reactor Retrieval
  3. Gambit
  1. Humanitarian Efforts
  2. The Ace of Spades

South Korea[]

  1. Stem the Tide
  2. A Proper Function of Government
  3. A Farewell to Kings
  1. A Hot Time in Nampo
  2. First Principles
  3. Master of None
  1. Repo Man
  2. Clear Channel
  3. The Acid Queen
  1. In and Out
  2. BOOM!
  3. Titular Regius


  1. Pest Control
  2. No One Will Ever Know
  3. Under New Management
  1. Escort Service*
  2. Persuasion
  3. Knock Knock
  1. Manipulate the Data
  2. Exit Strategy
  3. Chain Reaction
  1. An Eye for an Eye
  2. Chokepoint
  3. Two Degrees of Separation

Russian Mafia[]

  1. Foothold
  2. Gimme My Money
  3. Bait and Switch
  1. Playing the Odds
  2. Omertà
  3. ...It's Who You Know
  1. In the Neighorhood
  2. 106 Miles to Sinuiju
  3. Raw Materials
  1. Escort Service*
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Loose Ends

* - Contracts have the same name, but are linked to two individual pages for each contract.


Contracts in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Allied Nations Ante UpOut of the WoodworkBringing Down the House
EmbeddedDowned Bird in Enemy NestThe Guns of Kirin-Do
Inspect and VerifyReactor RetrievalGambit
Humanitarian EffortsThe Ace of Spades
South Korea Stem the TideA Proper Function of GovernmentA Farewell to Kings
A Hot Time in NampoFirst PrinciplesMaster of None
Repo ManClear ChannelThe Acid Queen
In and OutBOOM!Titular Regius
China Pest ControlNo One Will Ever KnowUnder New Management
Escort ServicePersuasionKnock Knock
Manipulate the DataExit StrategyChain Reaction
An Eye for an EyeChokepointTwo Degrees of Separation
Russian Mafia FootholdGimme My MoneyBait and Switch
Playing the OddsOmertà...It's Who You Know
In the Neighborhood106 Miles to SinuijuRaw Materials
Escort ServiceHousekeepingLoose Ends
Challenges Jeep MeltdownMafia Warehouse SabotageSpeed
Race from China HQ to Mafia HQ
Race from Mafia HQ to SK HQ
Race from South Korean HQ to Chinese HQ
Bold denotes ace contracts.
Italics denote contracts that require the player to verify a face card (King, queen or jack).

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