The Combat Rifle is a weapon used by the Allied Nations and featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Combat Rifle is seen in as the basic and most widely used weapon of the Allied Nations. Functionally, the Combat Rifle is as accurate and as powerful as the standard UP Carbine, but has a forty round magazine, giving the player ten extra rounds and the possibility for a higher volume of fire in combat. Unfortunately, the larger magazine means the player can carry less magazines in their inventory. The Combat Rifle can be bought from AN shops under the AN Supply Drop. Use it if you prefer more ammo per magazine than on a whole, it might be the Carbine's successor but it is not much better in terms of performance. The gun itself is not very powerful, it takes 6 body shots to kill a VZ soldier but it has a good rate of fire and very good at short range combat.

Real LifeEdit

The Combat Rifle is based on the real-world German-American XM8 series of rifles, produced by German manufacturer Heckler and Koch and developed in part by the US Army. Though a great and well-balanced weapon, its production was cancelled and it was never mass-produced as the mainstay weapon of the US Army due to its high production costs.


  • In Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, the Mercenary can acquire the Combat Rifle  before even being introduced to the AN. This can be done by going to a small outpost South-East of Guanare, next to the river, near the bridge. This outpost is populated by a single AN soldier and one Messenger. Sometimes, Freedom Patrol Boats
  • The in-game Combat Rifle has a scope equipped but it cannot be used.
  • Despite the fact that this rifle was never widely used by the US Army (or any military force worldwide), it still remains the primary weapon of the AN faction
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