The first tent roadblock

Clear Channel is the eighth contract for the South Koreans and the second for them in the third act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The contract involves destroying Chinese garrison tents at five separate roadblocks.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Destroy Chinese garrison tents

Supplies & Support Given[edit | edit source]

  • Stealth Fighter Attack x1 - Free
  • Stealth Bomber Attack x1 - Free
  • S. Korean K966 Scout Delivery - $24,000
  • South Korean Supply Drop - $4,000

The Contract[edit | edit source]

It is very difficult to destroy all five tents without making the Chinese hostile towards the mercenary. The first tent is initially guarded by a couple PLA soldiers, and one heavy soldier with an RPG. As soon as hostilities begin more RPG troops will spawn from the tent. even when using laser guided airstrikes from far away the Chinese will almost always spot you and your reputation will instantly plummet to nothing. However, if you grab a helicopter with AT missiles (there are numerous hidden MD-500s in the hills) and fly above 250 metres (around the time you can't see the tent anymore due to the fog) and fire an AT missile at the tent, you will destroy it without incurring any faction loss. The range and height for all of the tents varies, though it's typically when you can still see the yellow objective marker above the tent, but not the tent itself. Otherwise, if you don't care about your reputation with the Chinese, you can simply fly up and blast the tents, or utilise airstrikes to take them out.

The second tent features a few more soldiers and a recoilless rifle. The third is guarded by a group of soldiers with an emplaced MG. The fourth features a Type 96 tank, and a nearby S70 Transport which hovers around the area between the fourth and fifth tent. The fifth tent has a group of soldiers, a grenade MG, and a Type 95 Anti-Air. There is also a nearby NK garrison in the hills, which features a ZSU-57 which may fire on the S70 and destroy it.

The value of the contract is $110,000. Completing this contract will make the K200 APC available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Six of Hearts will also be given.

Email Message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Lieutenant Yung Kim

Subject: Contract: 'Clear Channel'

Each roadblock has a garrison stationed nearby. The terms of the contract require you to destroy each garrison tent. Buford's men will come in and mop up afterwards.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Destroy Chinese garrison tents

Contract value: $110,000

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The player enters the HQ. Buford and Major Park are having a conversation

  • Major Park: (in Korean) needs to be filled
  • Agent Buford: (in Korean) needs to be filled

Buford turns his attention to the mercenary

  • Buford: That Chinese fella Peng set up a bunch of roadblocks between here and Sinuiju. They're stopping Park's men from getting aid to their northern cousins. I need someone to clear those roadblock for me, and teach my buddy Peng a lesson at the same time. If you get my meaning.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Agent Buford:' Bad enough trying to get anything done around here with Song and his armful o' nukes, now I got Peng breathin' down my neck.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: Heh, I can't wait 'till Peng gets a load of you. Thinks he can manipulate me into attacking him, screw him. Who does he think he's dealing with?

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: Listen, I got men waitin' to move into the north, why don't you get off your ass and wipe out some of those Chinese troops for me?

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: You ever get the feeling we're fighting 3 or 4 different wars here?
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: Yeah, all for the price of one. They're definitely getting their money's worth out of us.
    • Mattias: It's not such a bad thing, though. For me, anyway.

The player approaches one of the tents

  • Fiona: You're close to one of the roadblocks.

The player destroys a roadblock

  • Fiona: One roadblock destroyed.

The player destroys their second tent

  • Fiona: Great, two down.

The player destroys their third tent

  • Fiona: That's three down, well done.

The player approaches the fourth roadblock

  • Fiona: This roadblock has heavier defenses than the others.

The player destroys their fourth roadblock

  • Fiona: One more down. This doesn't seem too hard.

The player destroys the final roadblock

  • Fiona: All the roadblocks have been cleared. The SK payment is en route to our account.

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