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Chongju is a Port City to the south of the Northern Province of North Korea. The City is made up of three main areas, Chongju city, Chongju Farms and Chongju Airfield.

Chongju CityEdit

Chongju city is a port city and HQ for the South Korean forces; it is also one of the biggest cities in the Northern Province, rivaled only by Yongbyon. There isn't much to see inside the city, the only noteworthy places are the HQ building and a large cargo ship in the docks. The cargo ship is heavily defended by the ROKA 707th Commando Unit, and fortified with Heavy MGs. Alongside the 707th, a large number of South Korean soldiers can be seen patrolling the city, citing its importance.

Chongju FarmsEdit

The Chongju Farms are simply a series of fields and houses just north of Chongju City. The fields were likely farmed to help feed the growing population of Chongju, although they may have sustained other cities as time progressed. This however is unconfirmed.

Chongju AirfieldEdit

The Chongju Airfield is the main military hub for the South Korean Army, and possibly the most strategic location in all of the Northern Province. This is the only airfield in the Northern Province, and one of only three airfields in the entire game. It is heavily defended by South Korean soldiers, K966 Scouts, K1025 Scouts, K200 APCs, and a number of gunships. It is a restricted area, and the South Korean forces will attack the mercenary on sight, regardless of their relationship.

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