The Castro Transport is the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela's main transport helicopter that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Castro Transport icon

"This classic covered US cargo copter has been reconditioned by the PLAV and offers great performance for the price."
— Stockpile caption

The Castro Tansport is the basic helicopter used by the PLAV. It has one of the biggest storage space for human occupants in the game

The Castro has reasonably good speed and the Maneuverability  of the helicopter is Moderate.


The Castro Transport, sporting no weapons, is unsuited for combat. Like all helicopters in the Castro series, its large size makes it an easy target however with the right flying It makes a good troop transport. It's best used for winching vehicles and deployments. When the PLAV soldiers call for reinforcements, or when the player verifies an HVT a Castro transport will come.

Beware of going against SAMs, the Castro's not very good at taking such heavy punishment

Real Life

The Castro series is based off the Bell "Huey" UH-1D Iroquois helicopter widely used during the Vietnam War.


  • Originally the Castro series were going to be called "Endriago," which is Spanish for monster or beast.
  • They are all named after famous Cuban revolutionist Fidel Castro
  • The Lucky Lady, the helicopter Ewan pilots, is a Castro Transport with a different paint job to the PLAV, with the engine hatches closed.
  • The Castro in the PlayStation 2 version of Mercenaries 2 only features a transport configuration.
  • On the front of every Castro helicopter, other than Ewan's Castro, is the well known "Shark Mouth" design utilized on several military aircraft, however more notably in jets and planes, and is not seen much on rotary aircraft. 
  • If verifying an HVT, if you grapple onto it, you can just fly along grappling forever on it. This has been tested and confirmed on this and the Rogue Transport.

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