The Castro-II Attack Copter is an attack helicopter used by the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Castro-II is another step up from the Castro-V Attack; this version now has two miniguns added to the side pointing forward which are controlled by the pilot, and a grenade launcher that can be used by the pilot, or the side seat passenger. This is considerably more armament than other Castros. It can be purchased in the PLAV shop for $60k after destroying 40 billboards after being properly introduced.


Due to this it is very effective to use the grenade launcher against light armor and oil tanks within enemy bases. The 7.62mm miniguns are effective against helicopters, light armor and light to medium boats. The helicopter is not very maneuverable, leaving it very open to RPG, small arms, Anti Air miniguns, Surface to Air Missile and Anti-Air-Artillery fire. The rockets are effective against buildings, tanks and stationary vehicles, however, they are less effective against heavy tanks. It is a bad idea to take on tanks since they are often better suited for taking out Castros with their cannons before they get in accurate rocket firing range.

Real lifeEdit

The Castro series is based off the Bell "Huey" UH-1D Iroquois helicopter widely used during the Vietnam War.


  • Originally the Castro series were going to be called "Endriago," which is Spanish for monster or beast.
  • Named after famous Cuban revolutionist Fidel Castro.
  • There is a glitch in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Mercenaries 2 in which, having an NPC passenger (that is, the "Shotgun" seat); the Castro II has infinite 40mm GL ammo.
  • If someone is in the Grenade Launcher (GL) seat and the player chooses to use this, sometimes it will make a different sound, and a glitch where it fires but makes no sound and no explosions.
  • This model in real life is known as a UH-1C Huey Hog. 

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