General Carlos Carmona is an associate of Ramon Solano and eventually becomes the Commander in Chief of the Venezuelan Armed Forces in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Carmona is a General of the Venezuelan Army, commanding several large divisions of its forces. Sometime before the mercenary arrived in Venezuela, Carmona was recruited by Solano to instigate a coup against the government; however, a small faction of his army who were still loyal to the current government objected to the plot, captured Carmona and imprisoned him on Isla de Mano. With the help of Blanco, Solano hired the services of a mercenary to free Carmona and return him safely back to his villa. At this point, Solano turns against the mercenary, with Carmona holding him/her at gunpoint with a Luger, but the mercenary manages to escape, albeit shot in the posterior by one of the soldiers in the villa. Carmona initiates his coup with seemingly no resistance and he 'invites' Solano to step up as president of Venezuela.

Carmona barely gets any screen time throughout the course of the game, and very little is known about his actual personality, aside from being a ruthless and bold army commander. Given the fact that he had been bribed by Solano into initiating his coup, however, it can be inferred that he is a greedy, opportunistic man. He may also be a little bit overconfident due to the fact that he physically took part in the attack on the PMC's Villa HQ with a relatively low amount of armor and reinforcements, a single Tank Buster airstrike will destroy most of his forces. Also, he was bold enough to take Fiona Taylor hostage and try and kill her in front of the mercenary, apparently unaware of the fact that doing so would mean nothing would stop the mercenary from shooting him immediately afterwards.

He is eventually verified by the Mercenary after attempting a surprise counter-attack on the Villa in exchange for payment from Universal Petroleum.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Carmona shares the same last name as Pedro Carmona, the interim president of Venezuela during the failed 2002 Venezuelan Coup D'état; this is most likely one of the reasons for the game's controversy in Venezuela.
  • Carmona's firearm of choice appears to be a Luger, which cannot be acquired during gameplay since he carries an Assault Rifle (AK-103) once gameplay begins. The Luger he carries appears to be a rare LP08 "artillery" model favoured by the German Navy during the Second World War.
  • Carmona has the honor of having a bridge named after him.
  • Carmona is a two star general as shown on the shoulders of his jacket.
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