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Cargo ships can be found in most large bodies of waters around Venezuela. They are all owned by Universal Petroleum and are used to transport large amounts of fuel and oil from one place to another.


The ships are very large and can be seen from far away, they are one of the three biggest sea vehicles in the game along with the Chinese and A.N destroyer ships. However, unlike the destroyers the cargo ships are not as effective in offense, but they have very good defense. They are very easily recognisable by their gray with red colour scheme, long size with the main control tower at the very end, and the fact that all Cargo Ships have MVP Independencia on the side of the hull. There are absolutely no weapon emplacements aboard it, so it relys on the mercenaries on the deck, and the warhorse or Anti-tank Rogue (s) to protect it. Situated across the deck are many oil tanks and fuel barrels that are both highly explosive.

NOTE: if you are on good terms with UP, land somewhere clear on the deck, go into the ship and you can find small wads of cash on the floor.


Like stated before the cargo ship is not meant for offensive operations and is merely used for transporting, however due to its massive size it is impossible to destroy with small arms, heavy firearms, and even some explosives. It has no weakpoints, but, due to the high amount of oil and fuel located on the deck, they can easily be blown up just by being shot at, which causes a very large chain of explosions which will most of the time blow up the ship completly. The only other effective way to destroy one is to order in an air strike on top, but this can be difficult due to the fact that you are surrounded by water and will have to escape very quickly to avoid the explosion. If you want to board the ship without having to rely on a helicopter, you can always use C4 to blow up (and thus lower) one of the cargo-loading ramps. If you're lucky, the UP soldiers won't even call for backup.

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