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The Cargo Truck is an Allied Nations, People's Liberation Army, South Korean and North Korean truck featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Cargo TruckEdit

The most basic variety of Cargo Truck used by the Allied Nations, Chinese and South Koreans to transport supplies across and into North Korea. The Allied version of the cargo truck is very rare. It is only seen once through the entire game, during the contract Housekeeping.

Fuel TruckEdit

A Chinese variant which carries a large tank of highly flammable fuel in it's cargo bed.

North Korean VariantEdit

The North Korean cargo truck is different in appearance to the other faction's Cargo Trucks. It appears to be based on the real-world Ural 4320. This variant is only used by the North Koreans.

Like the Chinese Cargo Truck, the North Korean variant can also be found with a fuel tank in it's cargo bed.

North Korean Transport VariantEdit

A troop transport variant of the North Korean Ural 4320. It is similar in appearance to the standard Cargo Truck, save for a canvas canopy covering the cargo bed. This version is unique in that it can carry up to five passengers (4 in the back and 1 in the cab).

When the player destroys a North Korean Transport Truck, $2 000 is added to their account.

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