The Carbyne is a civilian Sports Car featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Owned by Ramon Solano, and other wealthy residents of Venezuela, the Carbyne is a jet black two-seater with chrome window lining and wheels. The tail-lights are made up of a single red covering, which adds to the high class appearance of the car.

During the Assault on Solano's Villa (The PMC), you can find a standard Carbyne near the runway behind the building, near the hangar doors. However, after the player takes the Villa and finishes the mission, the Carbyne will disappear and will not come back. After you beat the game, you can find a Carbyne in one of the houses of the extremely wealthy in the Caracas Estates area, past the Allied roadblocks.

The Carbyne GT is a improved version of the Carbyne, with a large spoiler and a different shape to the body. It is best to look for the car once you have killed all of Solano's men because they may destroy it. Painted a deep yellow, with black racing stripes down the middle, the Carbyne can nearly match the Veloce in speed and handling. It cannot, however, be found in game and can only be ordered in from the Pirates.

  • Both the Carbyne Standard and the Carbyne GT are random choices in the Sports Cars delivery from the Rastafarian Pirates. The standard Carbyne can also be obtained in UP's Luxury Car airdrop.


This car is not made for combat, being hit by a weak explosive (grenades to 20/25mm) will blow pieces off this car, anything stronger will destroy it. It has some tolerance for small arms fire but will not stand long against a .50 caliber machine gun. It's a much better idea to rely on the speed and civilian disguise that this car offers.

Real LifeEdit

The Carbyne is inspired by the Aston-Martin One-77.


  • During the opening scene, Jennifer is driving the standard Carbyne.
  • (Tested on the Xbox 360.) The standard Carbyne is capable of performing wheelies.

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