Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, housing over 3,196,514 people.

Mercenaries 2: World in FlamesEdit

In Mercenaries 2, following the coup by Solano, the capital is taken by Venezuelan troops. After the invasions by Chinese and Allied troops, the city becomes available to enter, with the Allies wanting to use the city as their main base of operations. After taking the city, massive numbers of troops are stationed in the city, along with APCs, tanks, F-117s flying above and an Alamo-class missile destroyer is positioned North of Caracas.


Mattias Nilsson watching the city of Caracas.

In the Battle for Caracas, Chinese troops attempt to take the city, and the Allied Nations launch a counterattack. Depending of the mercenaries actions, the Allies either are successful or take a large hit by the Chinese.

The CityEdit

Caracas is the biggest city in the game, filled with troops and Fighters overhead. Allied troops are in control of the city. Liberators patrol the area, F-117s occasionally fly over, Messengers drive around, sometimes a Statesman IFV, Strykers and supporting infantry with emplaced recoiless rifles form roadblocks. It is generally not very hard to break through Allied Nations barricades with a heavy vehicle when hostile due to the lack of heavy firepower and armor of their vehicles. If the player sides with the Chinese in the Battle for Caracas, then the PLA will have control the city yet AN outposts will still remain. VZ soldiers still attack AN outposts. Some buildings have already been destroyed, there are also some craters in the streets likely during the Allied invasion and bombings, and smoke rises above the city, though citizens still live there.

The Caracas sky is foggy and the time appears to be early morning.

Shanty TownEdit

South of the city lays what is the Shanty Town, which like the name suggests, is a shanty town, Allied roadblocks face Caracas over the bridges (North) while most PLA troops are actually in the Shanty Town (South). Most of the buildings are rickety shacks made with scrap material, badly constructed buildings however there is an Allied Nations wanted HVT building which is a tall, somewhat modern, well constructed building surrounded by PLA troops. It's not uncommon to see a nearby Missile Boat in a fight with an AN Helicopter.

This is PLA roadblocked territory during the "Missile Commando" contract for the AN, the PLA position several roadblocks with Salamander APCs and place Armored Tiger MLRSs on elevated positions South of the Shanty Town to fire at Caracas.

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