The Capuchin Tanker is a Venezuelan Army logistics vehicle featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Capuchin Tanker is a 5-ton truck used by the VZ to transport fuel around Venezuela. Its purpose as a logistics vehicle is limited to transporting volatile fuel to VZ bases.

The Capuchin Tanker is a military truck armed with a single .50cal MG gun for self-defense. The cabin is reinforced to provide extra protection for the crew.


The Capuchin Tanker is a very poor choice to use in combat or where combat is expected. Its use to the player is limited to: being destroyed to damage near-by surroundings and as a disguise, although it is wiser to use an alternative VZ vehicle to use as a disguise, else the player risks being blown up by friendly fire.

The Capuchin Tanker is slow and weakly armored; the cabin reinforcement is likely aesthetic only and does not provide protection to the crew. The machine gun is like any other machine gun mounted on other trucks, such as the Capuchin Guntruck. It provides basic defense for the vehicle from infantry and unarmored vehicles.




  • The Capuchin Tanker's side-view mirrors appear to lack any mirrors, further supporting the fact that this vehicle is unsafe to drive
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