The Capuchin is a Venezuelan Army transport truck featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


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The Capuchin is a 5-ton flatbed truck rarely used by the Venezuelan Army. This is the basic variant of the Capuchins. It has no armament and does not have much purpose since it can only carry one passenger.


The Capuchin is not as commonly available at the beginning of the game as most vehicles of its type. In combat, it can only be used as a makeshift battering ram to clear the path to wherever the player has to get to. In any case, the Capuchin is so uncommon and relatively useless that it should be avoided. Instead, players usually should choose any other Capuchin truck or other faster vehicles available over the Capuchin.

Real LifeEdit

The Capuchin trucks are possibly based on the M939 trucks because they also weigh 5 tons. Though, the Capuchins may also be M54 trucks which are actually 9-ton trucks but modified variants of the M54 exist in the forms of guntrucks and AA guntrucks with a Quadmount.



  • During the 'Tropical Island Getaway' contract, at the bottom of the PLAV HQ mountain on the road to Guanare, there may be a Capuchin carrying five VZ soldiers in the back.

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