The Cacharro de Muerte is a custom-made vehicle created by Eva in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Cacharro de Muerte icon

"Eva's custom built monster truck includes a special boost for jumping over annoying obstacles."
— Stockpile caption

The Cacharro de Muerte is a Belmont fitted with giant wheels, built by Eva Navarro. The entire car is constructed upon a powerful hydraulic system that allows the car to jump great distances quite literally with 'the push of a button.' It becomes available for purchase at the PMC after the mercenary recruits its creator.

Although the vehicle is quite large it still has the same fragile armor of an ordinary civilian vehicle and will be affected by small arms fire, so beware. It also has the tendency to flip but due to its being bottom-heavy it usually will roll back onto its wheels. According to dialogue between Eva and the mercenary, the "jump" feature is activated by pressing a "big red button" on the dashboard.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Cacharro de Muerte is a very 'cool' looking vehicle with 'cool' features to boot, but it lacks armor and armament which makes it completely unsuitable for serious combat. It is best to use this vehicle to cruise around off-road over Venezuela's unique terrain.

The special hydraulics and large wheels allow the vehicle to easily navigate through tough terrain and over obstacles. Smashing through VZ blockades is easy, but the vehicle's lack of armor means it's risky to do this continuously, as an unlucky hit (or lucky for the shooter) with an RPG or cannon shell will disable or destroy the vehicle.

As with all monster trucks and tanks, you can drive over smaller vehicles to blow them up. However, depending on how fast you are going when you drive over your target, the Cacharro de Muerte may be seriously damaged if not outright destroyed. That said, you can save money on rocket launchers by buying this vehicle instead, using the jump feature, then landing on guntrucks, tanks, or other armored vehicles to destroy them.

This vehicle costs $40.0K to buy at Eva's shop, twice that of a normal Monster Truck. However, regular monster trucks do not have the jump feature and are only available from the Pirates. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Cacharro de Muerte" is Spanish and translates to "death pileup" or "pileup of death."
  • The Cacharro de Muerto appears to be a Belmont with monster truck tires and rocket boosters (for the jump feature) added.
  • A boat can be driven if you jump the Cacharro into the back of a boat and steering it by steering the wheels.
  • On the PlayStation 2 version, it is called the 'El Diablo.'
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