The C17 pilot (codename: Black Bird) was featured briefly in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction at the very beginning.


C-17 Plane

The C-17 plane en route for the DMZ

"This is Black Bird, DMZ is in visual range, the drop zone is hot, we'll be coming in low and fast."
— C-17 Pilot

Once the Merc had gathered all their gear he told them that the De-Militarized zone was coming up soon and that they were coming in below the radar. After the Merc had lowered the rear cargo door the pilot lowered the plane so that the Merc could drive out in the M1025 Scout located at the rear of the plane.


He is never seen during gameplay as the door leading to the cockpit is locked. Only his voice is heard as he tells the Merc to get ready to drop. He drops the player a short distance away from the DMZ due to it being "hot" and the presence of North Korean SAMs located across the road leading to the AN headquarters. After this he is seen flying away into the distance and is never heard of again.


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