The Bullpup Rifle is an Assault Rifle used by the People's Liberation Army that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Bullpup rifle is a weapon used by the Chinese. As the name suggests, it follows the bullpup design where the magazine is behind the trigger to allow for easier reloading and a longer barrel for more accuracy without extending the weapon. It can be obtained from PLA soldiers and the PLA Supply Drop at $10k.

The Bullpup rifle is a very effective weapon that is very useful later on in the game. After the Chinese appear in the storyline, the majority of the soldiers will be carrying this weapon. It is the Chinese counterpart to the Combat Rifle used by the AN. The Bullpup has accuracy and firing rate similar to that of an Assault Rifle. It takes 5 shots to kill a regular VZ trooper, better than the Carbine and Combat Rifle but weaker than the Assault Rifles.

Real LifeEdit

The Bullpup Rifle is based on the Chinese QBZ-95 in current use by China and a few South/South-East Asian countries. The QBZ-95 Assault Rifle fires 5.8x42mm rounds; the weapon was designed as a completely new, modern assault rifle. The weapon was made with the intent to provide a modern weapon to replace the old PLA arsenal of Kalashnikov derivatives; it started being manufactured by Norinco in 1995. It is a quite versatile weapon; it can be modified into a light support weapon and a marksman rifle.




  • It is possible to obtain this weapon before the Chinese appear in the game. The PLAV Orinoco River Outpost has a side mission that involves driving a prototype Prestes Patrol Boat all the way to the Pirate islands. At the end of the course is a Chinese Bladesong Missile Boat along with its crew. Among the crew the player can acquire both a Bullpup Rifle and an SMG early on.
  • Mattias seems to prefer this rifle above most others. One of his quotes when picking up this weapon is: "Now this is how cool guns are supposed to look!" In other instances, he will say: "QBZ-95. Funky, Chinese, kills people."
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