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The Buju series are the main ground vehicles used by the Pirates in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


A large, green and yellow modified pickup truck, the Buju has a great resistance to small arms, and an adequate resistence to anti-tank fire. The Buju Technical has a great top speed, and excellent handling to go with it. These qualities, combined with its damage resistance, troop capacity (and being a cool truck), make the Buju a great choice for missions, and for driving around. It is armed with an M60 Machine Gun with 300 rounds and capable of 180 degrees of fire. The only downside to this vehicle is the Pirate disguise itself; since every other faction is hostile to the Pirates, the player will either be under constant fire or be contantly honking the horn.

Real LifeEdit

Both of the Bujus are based on the 1977 Ford F-150.


  • The Buju Technical and Pickup are likely named for Raga, Reggae and Dancehall musician Buju Banton.
  • The Buju pickup variant is mostly used to deliver some stereotypical pirate cargo such as rum and parrots.

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