Built for Speed

Built For Speed is a speed-based contract or challenge offered by Universal Petroleum in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.

In-game descriptionEdit

"You need to drive a sports car from the refinery to the UP HQ. They've got a special course for you to take so make sure you stick to it and keep the car in one piece or they won't pay us."
Fiona's summary



'Built For Speed' becomes immediately available at the Universal Petroleum Cabimas Outpost after its capture contract. This contract is a leveled speed challenge requiring the player to drive a Veloce (or two Veloces if playing co-operative, though only one is required to make it to the finish) from the Cabimas Outpost the UP HQ in a time limit while passing through specific checkpoints that replenish time limit. Nothing changes when going up the levels other than time limit reductions.

It is a good idea to use the civilian disguise when around VZ troops to avoid being crashed and fired upon. It is a very good idea to avoid crashing because the Veloce has very weak armor and there is a short time limit on higher levels.

This contract will cease being offered after the Battle for Caracas and is impossible to complete (alone) after completing 'The Price of Gas' since the General Carmona Bridge will be permanently destroyed.

Even if this contract may be repetitive and a bit boring, it is highly recommended to complete this contract up until Level 3 as early as possible because it allows the player to purchase the Rogue Assassin (the best light attack helicopter) at the UP shop.


  • This mission may be named after the Motorhead song, "Built For Speed."
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