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Battle of Nampo

Conflict: South Korean-Chinese War
Date: 2009
Place: Nampo, North Korea
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Flag of South Korea.svg
South Korean Army
Peoples Liberation Army Flag.png
People's Liberation Army
Mitchell Buford Zhou Peng
unknown Garrison of Nampo
few total supply of oil, infantry and vehicles annihilated
South Korean-Chinese War

Pyongyang Incident - Nampo - Propaganda Village - Farm Village - Dandong

The Bombardment of Nampo was an incident initiated by South Korea.


The South Koreans wanted to rival the Chinese, so they hired the mercenary to destroy three of the fuel tanks and ten of the oil trucks. Using a helicopter, the mercenary rained hell from above, blowing up the oil tanks with missiles and peppering the ground forces. Several Chinese soldiers were killed on the ground, as well as several vehicles blown up. The attack definitely decreased that mercenary's diplomatic relationship with the People's Republic of China, as their entire outpost had just been destroyed.