The Bolivar Guntruck is a People's Liberation Army of Venezuela gun truck that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Bolivar Guntruck is a heavy truck used by the P.L.A.V. It is identical to the Capuchin Guntruck in almost every way. The only difference is the excessive use of barbwire and spikes.

It is armed with two .50 cal machine guns, the gun truck can dish out a massive amount of damage against unarmoured targets, it does however struggle against armored vehicles like tanks.


The Bolivar can be an invaluable asset during the first half of the game. It can easily devastate infantry and light armour, and on a straight stretch, can get up to unexpected speeds. Its real advantage comes from the 2 .50 caliber guns, if the truck is turned at the right angle, both guns can engage 1 target. The dual .50 caliber guns are exclusive to 3 land vehicles giving it a massive advantage.

Real lifeEdit

The Capuchin guntruck is based on the American M-35 A3 cargo truck.


  • The truck was named after famous Venezuelan revolutionist Simón Bolívar who is also considered a national hero in Venezuela
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