• TheBanterKangaroo

    Hello, I am BanterKangaroo. If anybody on here is interested in Speedrunning mercenaries you can join our discord server here:

    We are looking for new people to run the game and help with routing/tricks, as this game has great potential for Speedrunning

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  • ToushiroHitsugaiya

    I was playing Mercenaries POD this weekend using my Nilsson file. When I got to Spades, something weird happened: the sky all across the Norther region turned dark and snowy. This was EVERYWHERE, even places where it is normally rainy. No daylight to be found.

    What makes this REALLY weird is that when I got to the Ace of Spades mission, everything turned into daylight! Yes, DAYLIGHT! I have done the Ace of Spades over 75 times. The sun never arises until AFTER capturing/killing Song. This time, my mission was 100% in the daylight for the first time ever. I have no idea how this happened. It never happened as Jacobs or Mui. I stopped using Jacobs and Mui after breaking the billion-dollar barrier. Nilsson is now over $700 million.

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  • SpecialOperationsTrooper
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  • TaxiMan911

    I've started speedrunning mercenaries and I'm trying to make a small speedrunning community for this game. If you're interested in speedrunning join the discord we have for it, there's only three guys in it right now including myself. We are always looking for new runners so if you're interested here's the discord

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  • TheMerc ofNaries

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  • HaloCE240

    This place is deaad

    July 23, 2015 by HaloCE240
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  • Urmomsfart

    My blog

    October 30, 2014 by Urmomsfart

    Contact me through my Just Cause Wiki page.

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  • Xeno126


    November 10, 2013 by Xeno126

    I have notice that many page of purchable items are lacking the actual price

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  • Xeno126

    I need some one to play mercs 2 co op and I need a 1 throuhg ten on all apcs and what do the jammer ones do

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  • CsmTyler Rose

    So I just found out that I cant purchase my favorite PT Boat the VZ Crocidile is not availible for purchase from any shops Dammit

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  • Pascal1526

    Vehicle Armor

    November 29, 2012 by Pascal1526

    To Mercswiki editors,

    I have this pretty ambitious idea about vehicle armor description. Right now vehicle armor is described as being "weak", "low", "medium", "average", "strong" and "very strong". What if we changed that vague description to an actual statistic?

    I am proposing that we add a statistical amount of armor to the vehicles. My idea is to put the amount of 20/25/30mm HEAP (non AA) rounds it takes to destroy them besides the word description.

    We won't need to fully destroy a vehicle when testing, we can just fire 1 to 30 rounds into the vehicle and then calculate how much the vehicle can potentially take before health reaches 0 (not considering the vehicle on fire damage). It could also help measure the damage of anti-armor and exp…

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  • CsmTyler Rose

    Youd think that with so many npc characters in the game they would have more lines however they dont have a varied amount of thing to say I have heard Whos driving that vehicle about 200 times now but from different poeple

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  • Ajhz

    Anybody know what Pundit 1 is?

    January 29, 2012 by Ajhz

    I know it is voiced by Jennifer Hale but I keep seeing it in credits of the first game but I don't remember what it was

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  • Therealmattiasnilsson


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  • SniperSnake666

    I noticed there were several different cannon and machine gun types on vehicles in Mercenaries 1. Should this be taken into account when updating the vehicle pages? Some vehicles have the weapon that the in-game model is based off listed, but this is inconsistent and perhaps not easy to compare relative damage. I would suggest something along the lines of these categories as a standardized replacement:

    Vehicle Machine Guns: Light MG (as found on the Sungri Scout) Medium MG (M1 Tank passenger gun) Heavy MG (M1025 Scout, K1025 Scout, BRDM, BJ2020 Scout, most tank passenger guns)

    Cannons: Autocannon (M3 Bradley, K200 APC, YAH-56) Light Cannon (ZSU-56) Medium Cannon (T-54, Type 80 Tank) Heavy Cannon (T-62, Type 96 Tank) Sabot Cannon (M1 Tank) Supergun Cannon (Ty…

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  • Brettn12


    July 13, 2011 by Brettn12

    this is crap! I got the thing on russian and i cant get it off!

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  • Sammyboy2297

    Mercs 2!!!!

    July 1, 2011 by Sammyboy2297

    Hi everybody!!!

    I'm about to get Mercs 2, and I want to know, is it good? Is it better then Mercs 1?


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  • YuktobonianAce

    O hello, this is my idea for Mercenaries 3, which, instead of two provinces or one large area, will be split up into multiple operations in different countries, and then one large operation in one country.

    Story: As the mercs prepare to leave Venezuela, an AN CH-47 lands near their C-130. The back door (or whatever it's called) opens, and out steps Major, I mean, COLNEL Howard (Mercs 1) to inform them of an oprotunity to make some serious cash. The AN and China are leaving Venezuela to the PLAV, and moving UP to Saudi Arabia. Howard has also changed the AN to what it once was. Now, instead of mostly Americans, AN includes the U.K, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and some other small countries. …

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  • Ronaldnut98

    My Blog

    October 15, 2010 by Ronaldnut98

    Hi, I love Mercs 1. I think it is so much better than Mercs 2, (no offense to people who like Mercs 2.) and has a better plot. I will start contributing alot very soon.Unfortunatly, no one really cares :(

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  • DestPrince

    Make-a-Mercs title

    August 18, 2010 by DestPrince

    If you had the option to make your own mercs game, what feaures would you put in it? Where would it be set? Who would be your mercs? Will Mattias ever realize what baby-sitting really is?

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  • Ronaldnut98

    About me

    April 6, 2010 by Ronaldnut98

    Hi, Im ronaldnut98 and Im new to wiki but I love to use it. I play guitar, and love football!

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  • Fox McCloud!

    Hi! im Fox McCloud! and i was looking over the info. on the corpiration and i was wondering if anyone could supply me with a picture of a UP Cargo Ship so i may talk about it? If anyone can do so, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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  • Calvin A

    New Guy: Calvin A(nglin)

    November 13, 2009 by Calvin A

    Hi guys I have been helping out on the wikia sites for about a week now. I know that is not very long.

    I have just gotten the 2nd game and am working on beating it. I hope to help out.

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  • PATX

    Bitbucket Vs. GitHub

    August 4, 2009 by PATX

    Wrote a small comparison between BitBucket and GitHub. Got some feedback on Twitter! The maker of BitBucket even commented on it! Anyways I will post it here. It is not very good bot whatever.

    bitbucket vs github

    Hg Repo > git Repo
    Wiki == Wiki
    Bug Tracker > Bug Tracker
    Services < Services

    I personally use/love BitBucket. I love Mercurial, and hate git. However if I liked git I would probally use github. But I do not. So BitBucket is still my favorite.

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