Blended with a Twist is the first contract offered by the Pirates from the Pirate HQ in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.
Blended with a Twist

21 mines = a bad time

In-game InformationEdit

"The Pirates want you to prove your skills before they will deal with us. See how fast you can complete one of their smuggling routes"
Fiona's summary



This contract is necessary to complete at Level 1 if the player is interested in working for the Pirates. Otherwise, the Pirates will refuse to offer any other contracts and this does not affect the storyline. This contract is a speed challenge with time limit replenishing checkpoints. It involves driving a Little Dimba through a course with several ramps that goes from the Pirate HQ island, around the Eastern Pirate Isle, a minefield (21 sea mines) North of Maracaibo, around the Satellite dish island and back to a boat hangar on the East side of the Pirate HQ island.

VZ opposition is usually very light, though some bad things can happen, such as getting struck by a Recoilless Rifle round or getting shredded by a Piranha Patrol Boat's HE rounds while in the minefield. To minimize unecessary interference, it is recommended to either destroy the UP Cargo Ship East of the HQ Island or get neutral or friendly with Universal Petroleum because there will be Warhorse Patrol Boats and an Anti-Tank Rogue guarding that Cargo Ship. The most usual misfortunes consist of getting stuck or getting terrible landings from annoying ramps. 

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