The Black Heart is a custom made vehicle created by Eva in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Vehicles Black Heart

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"Eva has spent hours tuning and conditioning this beast to provide a smooth, exciting ride."
— Stockpile caption

The Black Heart is one of the game's fastest land vehicles. It can be purchased from Eva in the PMC Shop after collecting 40 Spare Parts. The Black Heart can hold two people and has no armaments. One very noticeable thing about this vehicle is the speed it can reach when driving in reverse. It seems to be able to reverse faster than any other vehicle and also has very good acceleration. When you hold down the brake and gas at the same time and pull back on the joystick, the Black Heart will perform a wheelie; this is probably the only non-motorcycle vehicle in the game that can do this.


  • Unlocked by: Collecting 40 Spare Parts
  • Cost: $50,000 each
  • Fuel: 60 gallons
  • Guidance: Smoke
  • Delivery: Helicopter

Real LifeEdit

The Black Heart is modified like a real-life drag car (car specifically designed for use in drag racing). Which particular model it's based off is debatable, though it appears to be based off of the Valorous, which is in turn based off of the 1967-1973 Plymouth Valiant. It probably started life off as a luxury car rather than a sports car, as several cues from Chryslers of that period can be seen in it.


  • The number plate is "BLKHART".
  • According to the badges it is either a Python SFV or an SFV Python (Python most likely being the model), and SFV being either the manufacturer or a specific trim level.
  • A close look at the hood reveals that the Black Heart uses both Ram Air and Cowl Induction.
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