Battle of Yongbyon Reprocessing Plant
Conflict: Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: Yongbyon, North Korea
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Flag of Russia svg Russian Mafia
ExOps symbol Executive Operations
Flag of North Korea KPA
Mafia Capo NK Officer
Mafia Thugs, Mafia Enforcers, Mafia Technicals NK soldiers, NK elites, Sungri Scouts
Several Several
Song Initiative

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The Battle of Yongbyon Reprocessing Plant was fought between the North Korean forces and the Russian Mafia. The Mafia is camped out in the side of the road. The Mafia brings in three Enforcers; two with Light MG's and one with an RPG. They also have about five thugs there. The thugs use Type 85 SMG's execpt for one of them who uses an AK-47. The North Korean forces do not bring in any extra firepower so all they have are their jeeps and some regular soldiers wielding AK-47's.


  • It is never determined who actually wins this battle, as the casualties are usually great on both sides, but the Russians do not have access to more reinforcements, while the Sungri Scouts keep coming.
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