Battle of Song Tower
Conflict: Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: Song Tower, North Korea
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Allied Nations Flag Allied Nations
ExOps symbol Executive Operations
Flag of North Korea KPA
Mercenary Ace of Clubs
8 Allied Nations soldiers
NK soldiers, Sungri Scouts, BDRM Scout Defender of Hwangbo
Several Several
Song Initiative

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The Battle of Song Tower was a battle fought between NK forces and the Mercenary, supported by 8 Allied Nations soldiers. The Mercenary was deployed to the island under the cover of darkness, only to find a Company of NK soldiers. After destroying air defences and electronic jammers, the mercenary called for support, this support came in the form of a M1126 supported by 8 infantry soldiers.The group then made their way to Song Tower, destroying it with a Bunker Buster. At this point, Hwangbo tried to escape with his escort, but was captured and verified by the Merc.


  • Verification of the Ace of Clubs
  • Destruction of Song Tower
  • All Clubs are Verified, Killed, or leave the Southern Provinces.
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