Battle of Sariwon
The Train Station where the battle took place.
Conflict: Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: Sariwon, North Korea
Outcome: {{{outcome}}}
Russian Mafia Flag Russian Mafia Flag of North Korea North Korea
Josef Yurinov Hong-Do Seon U (Verified)
1 mercenary, 3 thugs several
unknown Jack of Clubs verified
Song Initiative

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The Battle of Sariwon was an engagement between the Russian Mafia and North Korea.

Battle Edit

After a fake arms deal with Hong-Do Seon U, the Russian Mafia dispatched four thugs to retrieve a FROG-7 missile vehicle, as well as deal with the official. The thugs and the mercenary used a Troop Transport captured at the raid on a North Korean garrison in Pyongyang to infiltrate the train station. When the four disembarked, the battle began as the heavily-guarded Jack and his "business partners" exchanged shots. Several Tanks and Troop Transports arrived with North Korean reinforcements, but the thugs were sent to drive the missile truck back to Pyongyang while the mercenary fought the enemy alone. The mercenary caught the Jack, fleeing, and either killed or captured him. Thus, the contract was complete and an important official of Division 39 was verified.

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