Battle of Propaganda Village
SKU soldiers.png
South Koreans advance on the village.
Conflict: South Korean-Chinese War
Date: 2009
Place: Propaganda Village, North Korea
Outcome: Chinese victory
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
People's Republic of China
Flag of South Korea.svg
South Korea
Six Chinese Officers Mitchell Buford
Approx. 20 men hundreds
Possibly some officers; several men Extremely heavy losses
South Korean-Chinese War

Pyongyang Incident - Nampo - Propaganda Village - Farm Village - Dandong

The Battle of Propaganda Village was a major battle between China and South Korea.

Battle[edit | edit source]

The mercenary was dispatched to aid six Chinese officers in the defense of the "Propaganda Village", which was under severe attack by the South Korean Army, which numbered in the hundreds. A Type 80 tank and several sandbag emplacements with guns made up the bulk of the defenses, while the South Koreans had a seemingly endless amount of humvees. The mercenary held the position using the heavy guns, fighting several charging soldiers and their escort vehicles. Even a helicopter came in and attacked the Chinese, but was destroyed alongside a K200 APC that was sent out. In the end, the South Koreans suffered heavy casualties and the assault on the village failed. The Chinese suffered light casualties, possibly including some of the officers. However, the village was held firmly by the Chinese for the rest of the war.

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