Battle of North Pyongyang
Sergei's desk
The mercenary receives orders from Sergei.
Conflict: Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: North Korean outpost, Pyongyang
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Flag of Russia svg Russian Mafia Flag of North Korea DPRK
Sergei Voronov Chong-chun Yi
1 mercenary, some escorts NK Garrison
possibly escorts several
Song Initiative

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The Battle of North Pyongyang was a raid on the NK garrison in Pyongyang.

Battle Edit

Mafia don Sergei Voronov and consigliere Josef Yurinov, the latter acting, dispatched the mercenary to steal a troop transport from the NK outpost in North Pyongyang. The mercenary, aided by some Russian soldatos (soldiers), attacked the outpost, and to make the mission more lucrative, destroyed the North Korean machine gun positions surrounding the garrison. The mercenary broke into the airport hangar and stole the transport, evading enemy fire and bringing the cargo truck to the Mafia Garage, recieving payment for the delivery as well as the contract.

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